Pharma Programs

The future of pharma is data. The future of data in healthcare, at least in India, is at CORE. We are a bioinformatics company, with a center-of-excellence in High End Diagnostics built in. That’s the best partner you can find for supporting a clinical trial, or developing a companion diagnostic.

Lab Management

Capital and Management Bandwidth are scarce resources. You must deploy them where they are deserved the most – in patient care. Leave the running of your lab to us. We will manage the capital, skills, and management bandwidth needed to run your lab; that’s the one thing we do really well.


When you learn something, what you learn is important. Who you learn it from is more important. Let CORE be the “who”. The “what” is pretty much anything lab-related: the latest testing methods and technologies in Histopathology, Immunohistochemistry, Cytology, Hematology & Molecular Genetics.