What is dualCORE?

Utilizing esoteric lineage-specific and lineage-associated immunohistochemical markers for the differential diagnostic work-up of carcinomas of unknown primary, soft tissue sarcoma, hematolymphoid neoplasms, round cell tumors, neuroendocrine tumors, etc. dualCORE establishes the exact and Final diagnosis for the poorly differentiated tumors

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Why you should order dualCORE?

Establishes the exact & final diagnosis in poorly differentiated tumour

CORExpert panel (USA) for difficult cases using telepathology

Delineate the primary origin of the metastatic tumors

Easy to comprehend reports with the following section

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In-house organ specific pathologists to diagnose complex cases

An extensive panel of 150+ IHC markers with many new IHC markers ( diagnostic, prognostic and predictive) to diagnose complex and rare diseases- e.g, Pituitary adenoma, Pan TRK, BCOR, LMO2, TFE3, H3K27M etc

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